Feb 14

Session Proposal:Teaching Media, Digital, Computer and Information Literacies

The more I teach infolit courses, the more I realize I have to teach little tricks of computer use, like ctl-F for find, or where the address bar is, or that you don’t have to go to Google, you can just type in the web address. ¬†When students use their own laptops or tablets, we have to spend class time getting them on wireless, and then there’s the general troubleshooting that comes up in any technology heavy class.

I hoe this will turn into a skill-sharing/problem solving session.

  • What are some of your best¬†Media, Digital, Computer and Information literacy teaching hacks?
  • How do you handle students who are computer illiterate?
  • BYOD/smartphone/tablet teaching

I’m coming at this from an academic library perspective, but I’d love to hear what public librarians are doing with this, too.



  1. Amanda Rust

    I’ve been thinking about proposing a related session, so this is perfect! I’m interesting in something exploring the lines (are there lines?) between training and teaching. I am inspired by this post (hat tip dh + lib), specifically the discussion of the challenges of “lab pedagogy”. In order to get students to the point where they can see how digital methods fit into a larger framework, you have to spend a lot of time teaching somewhat mechanical technical skills. How do we scaffold and give context to the mechanical/technical skills? I would also love some problem solving on the lab approach, particularly involving these tech tools that show up so much in our library instruction.

  2. Amanda Izenstark

    This is a great topic, something I’ve been thinking about as well. I recently paid a visit to a class in their regular classroom to help students in a capstone course use Zotero to manage their citations. The variety of computers and browsers in the room meant that no two students’ computers were the same. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this!

  3. libraries2013

    Here are the notes from the session:

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