Feb 08

Session Proposal: Using and Tracking All of That Tech (General Discussion)

Part of my job is to explore new technology solutions for our library to improve the workflows of our students, faculty, and staff.  I find myself often feeling overwhelmed and without direction when it comes to researching technologies and keeping track of it all.  There are just so many cool things!  I’m interested in engaging in conversation with others about:

1. How/where they get information on new technologies.

2. How they keep track of all of that information once they find it.

3. How and when they decide to move forward with a particular tool to implement it at their library–which ones make the cut and why?

I do this, but feel I could be doing it better.  I would love to hear from others with similar questions or with answers to this bit of a quandary.

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  1. Amanda Izenstark

    I’m also interested in this topic. Thanks for proposing it!

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