Feb 12

Session proposal– Beyond the container: Teaching genre awareness for digital information

Digital information becomes separated from its traditional “containers.” To a novice user a journal article, for example, can resemble a book chapter or a conference report.  Even experienced users can find the genre lines blurry in an electronic environment.

  • How can we best foster genre awareness in this context?
  • Why does genre matter?
  • How do we deal with blurred, hybrid, or emerging genres?


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  1. Maureen Perry

    Thanks, Kate!
    I was keeping mental notes in order to concentrate more on the participants. Your notes will help me pull my notes together. It was great to meet you at THATCamp!
    –All my best,

  2. Maureen Perry

    Hi, everyone!
    I’ll be blogging about THATCamp later this week, but in the meantime here are some notes from this session


    I only put down what complemented, rather than repeated, the other notes–which were excellent!

  3. Maureen Perry

    Hi again, everyone!
    Here is my blog post about THATCamp, including this session


    Thanks again!
    –All my best,

  4. Maureen Perry

    Hi again, everyone!
    The discussion had me think about the handouts I use in my teaching. I describe this in the following blog post


    Have a good one!
    –All my best,

  5. Maureen Perry

    Hello yet again!
    I found this guide from Tompkins Cortland Community College


    I love how it models a process of using a handbook to figure out what type of item you have. That might help build some genre awareness. I also love how it describes the why of the different citation formats.
    –All my best,

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