Feb 13

Lightning Talks

Want to tell us about your project, the great tools or apps that make your life worth living, or anything that you think is relevant and worth telling about? Our lightning talks are your chance.

In the morning, after we have voted on sessions, we will have time for anyone who would like to give a very, very brief presentation of his or her project, idea, or tool. Here are the rules:

  1. You get two (2) minutes. No exceptions. No extensions. Loud noises will be made to notify you that time is up.
  2. First come, first served. We’ll let people present in the order that you sign up, first here on the website, and second on the morning of THATCamp.
  3. All you get is a web browser. No PowerPoint! No thumb drives ! If you sign up below with one URL, it can be ready for you in advance; otherwise you’ll have to waste some of your 120 seconds typing. (Pro tip: use bitly!)

So if you want to do a lightning presentation, leave a comment with a link below. Give it a shot, it’s fun!


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  1. Elizabeth Rose

    I’d like to do a lightning talk on our current use of Omeka to share historical photographs, and on using Omeka and WordPress together to create an in-depth companion website to a new exhibit we are developing at the museum.

  2. catherine.fahey

    I’ve been curating a list of iDevice apps for literature study & scholarship.


  3. Laura Braunstein

    Reading for fun! How do we use our [low-tech and high-tech] expertise as academic librarians to support lifelong learning?

  4. Maureen Perry

    I’d love to highlight two projects from the University of Southern Maine’s Franco-American Collection: digitized oral histories and singalong videos. The site is


    Weather permitting I look forward to telling you more about this site and meeting all of you!

  5. Shaun Akhtar

    I’m interested in speaking (quickly!) about the internship I’m holding, which has allowed a recent college graduate to become immersed in the activities of a developing digital library program.


  6. Rebecca

    Want to know about what’s going on with the digital humanities in the Boston area? Check out this site and sign up for the mailing list.

  7. Andromeda Yelton

    LITA Forum CFP!

  8. Amanda French

    I want to talk about LibraryThing: librarything.com

  9. Anthony Helm

    I’d like to talk about our Winter Carnival posters collection.

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