Lindsey Rae

  • Title / Position: Technology and Public Services Librarian, faculty-level position
  • Organization: Champlain College
  • Twitter: @librarianlinz

I am currently the Technology and Public Services Librarian at Champlain College and received my MSLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011. I have an interesting relationship with technology and the humanities, having pursued a liberal arts degree at a tech school, RIT, before deciding to become a librarian. I see technology as a tool and hold practicality at the core of my beliefs about which technologies to use and how often/when to use them. I have somehow managed to make it a large part of my job and what I think about everyday, while simultaneously being one of the few people I know who still doesn't have a smartphone; I am constantly trying to find the appropriate balance for the amount of technology that I want in my life.

Posts by Lindsey

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