Shanti Freundlich

  • Title / Position: Liaison Librarian
  • Organization: Simmons College
  • Twitter: @friendly_rock

Once upon a time there was a person named Shanti Celeste Freundlich. She attempted to live up to her name by being both Peaceful and Friendly. After a childhood as a third culture kid (mostly India and Kenya), she designed her own program of study at Connecticut College in Aesthetic Design. The interdisciplinary skills she developed there served her well in her first career as a Theatrical Electrician (not an electrician who is theatrical, but one who works in professional theatre). When climbing ladders got boring, she became a librarian so that she could learn new things every day. So far she's learned new things at the Ernest Hemingway Collection (JFK Presidential Library), the New England College of Optometry, and Simmons College Beatley Library; plus a variety of conferences and things like ACRL Immersion. Shanti enjoys very spicy ramen and recently put her hand in a baby elephant's mouth.

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