Feb 12

Session Proposal-Supporting DH Pedagogy for Undergraduates

I’d like to have a conversation with like-minded folks who support classroom pedagogy about the library/ed tech role in teaching DH to undergraduates. I suspect there are more of us at smaller liberal arts colleges than at larger institutions, but I welcome and hope for surprise. Some initial question:

  • How are DH competencies taught to students at our institutions, and what is (or should be) the library’s role in that?
  • How does this role mirror or diverge from our more traditional involvement in teaching and pedagogy? How should it?
  • ¬†How best do we teach undergraduate students to think in the terms of DH methodologies? Is embedment a better model than single-sessions? Do we collaborate with faculty beyond (or in lieu of) class sessions? How?
  • Where’s the line between library support and educational technology support for DH pedagogy? Where should it be?



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  1. Frank Skornia

    I just finished up with a phone interview for a job at Temple University, and a topic similar to this came up. When I asked about upcoming digital projects, one thing they’re looking at providing instructional support for DH projects through workshops and office hours. It was brought up in the context of the libraries being able to support DH initiatives in a sustainable fashion because the library only has so much resources and manpower. I’d definitely be up to discuss more stuff along this line.

  2. Amanda Izenstark

    Count me in for this one, even though I’m from a larger institution!

  3. Pete Coco

    Great, guys. And perhaps my assumptions about how this might differ at a large institution is doofy. I can’t wait to hear more.

  4. Laura O'Brien

    I’d definitely be interested in discussing this. Digital scholarship pedagogy is a developing area at my institution. I’d also like to explore library and ed tech models for faculty development around undergraduate DH pedagogy. Does this fit in here?

    – Librarian from a small liberal arts college

  5. Pete Coco

    Definitely, Laura, at least if you’re asking me!

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