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Feb 12

Session proposal– Beyond the container: Teaching genre awareness for digital information

Digital information becomes separated from its traditional “containers.” To a novice user a journal article, for example, can resemble a book chapter or a conference report.  Even experienced users can find the genre lines blurry in an electronic environment. How can we best foster genre awareness in this context? Why does genre matter? How do …

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Feb 11

Session Proposal: Rethinking Online Exhibits

Many libraries and archives exhibit material on their websites or on blogs and social media platforms. They range from full-on interactive experiences to duplications of existing physical exhibits to “object of the month” style photo blogs. While there are decades of theory behind physical exhibit design, for the most part, institutions are on their own …

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Feb 08

Session Proposal: Using and Tracking All of That Tech (General Discussion)

Part of my job is to explore new technology solutions for our library to improve the workflows of our students, faculty, and staff.  I find myself often feeling overwhelmed and without direction when it comes to researching technologies and keeping track of it all.  There are just so many cool things!  I’m interested in engaging …

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Feb 01

Session Proposal: After the End: How Libraries can Support the Continuity and Preservation of Digital Humanities Projects

Sure, the fun part is actually doing the project – digging into the data, creating cool models and maps, driving the discussion and exploration of a chosen topic. But what happens after the project concludes? How are the products created during the project managed? What about the documentation and systems used? The responsibility for a …

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Jan 16

Session Proposal: The changing world of ebooks

The changing world of ebooks Given: Patrons will increasingly use ebooks in the coming years. What can librarians do to: Provide the titles they need (purchase outright, purchase-on-demand, provide changing content in the form of vendor packages such as ebrary) Ascertain what titles they need (solicit patron input, offer purchase-on-demand) Make ebooks easily accessible (for …

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